For over 4 years, A & A Air Conditioning has developed a strong reputation in the Staten Island community and beyond where we have worked with several clients with different goals in mind for their homes. Our commitment to service, our diversity of scale and tenacity are the reasons why many people choose us to ultimately improve the quality of life in their homes.

1) Commitment to Quality
From the planning to the execution, we are here to make your HVAC Goals happen and we will not stop until the job is done with excellence. We set the highest standards.

2) Fast Turnaround Time
We make each individual job our Number 1 Priority. Every job is done efficiently so we cause minimal interruption so you can go about your daily life and get excited for your new HVAC experience.

3) Open Communication
Trust is one of the quintessential reasons for why you should choose A & A Air Conditioning to service your HVAC system. We always communicate with our clients on a regular basis and we make clear from the beginning that availability and responsiveness are so crucial to getting a job done. We are always transparent with our clients.

4) Precision
We treat every client as an individual and we will not stop until the job is completed correctly so it’s one and done.

5) Scalability
We have done work for clients with projects both large and small. Before we execute a project, we will conduct an evaluation so we can properly identify your concerns and fulfill the job with excellence and efficiency.

6) Quick Emergency Response
When there’s an emergency, we will answer immediately and with our large staff, we will address the issue promptly.

7) Experienced Team
Our Team comes from different specialties within the HVAC industry and the amalgamation of various skillsets is a qualifying factor to handle a diversity of scale, scope and intricacy.

8) No Salesmanship
Our philosophy of conducting businesses is not to keep selling you brands or products. We take a targeted approach to identify your need and address it. We’re not salespeople – we care more about delivery than anything else.

9) Cost-Effective
Part of efficiency is being fairly priced and not overcharging. We want to provide you the top quality HVAC solutions at a reasonable rate.

10) Energy Efficient
We care about the environment and we believe in implementing products that are durable, productive, long-lasting, and ecologically friendly.