Preventive maintenance & Service contracts

Preventive Maintenance is a great long-term investment. We implement preventive maintenance measures to mitigate the likelihood of emergency calls. The extreme climate in the NYC Metropolitan Area can affect the HVAC equipment. It is important to invest in preventive maintenance so you save long-term repair costs – some of which can be astronomical. Our team is trained to perform a maintenance check which include the following:
•Evaporator Coil Cleaning
•Condenser Coil Cleaning
•Drain Treatment
•Efficiency Inspections
•Code Inspections


•Great investment because it saves long-term repair costs
•Significantly mitigates the likelihood of adverse situations from occurring on your HVAC unit
•Increases the lifespan of your unit
•Important safety measure because sometimes HVAC units that are not properly maintained which can cause result in potentially dangerous effects
•Reduces carbon footprint
•Minimizes breakdowns
•Maintains product warranty
•Reduces energy bills